Yes, fully operational with precautions in place.

Probably no more or less safe than traveling anywhere else. You should take all precautions when traveling, wear face coverings, have a change of clothes for when you arrive, wash hands often and use hand sanitizer when soap and water is not an option, and practice good social distancing on your way to and from the boat.

Honestly we haven’t changed much. We have always deep-cleaned all cabins and public spaces between charters and sanitized high-traffic and high-touch communal areas multiple times per day before the pandemic hit. We are encouraging social distancing and have ways you can minimize your time spent doing paperwork so you’re spending less time in close-quarters on check-in (digital waivers, pre-pay add-ons, email a picture of your c-card ahead of time). There is lots of space to spread out at meal times, you’re outside or underwater ideally most of the trip. It’s pretty easy to socially distance 17 people on a 104′ boat!

Face covering regulations are at business’s discretion around Miami so for now we recommend to have one with you just in case it’s required. Hotels and most other businesses are operating normally. You can see latest developments here.

All travelers need to apply for a Travel Health Visa by uploading proof of vaccination status and proof of negative test taken no earlier than 3 days before arrival. Mandatory Government insurance is also required for $40, payable on visa issuance. Visitors without a visa will not be admitted.

You will be sent detailed instructions 2 weeks prior to your trip’s departure or you can find detailed information here.

If a 3-day test turn-around for results is not feasible where you live, there are at-home test kits that return results back with a 3-day turn around:

St. Croix:

All travelers must take a Covid PCR or Rapid test within 5 days of travel, and produce the results and proof of completion of the Travel Screening Portal on arrival. At this time, there is no exemption to the COVID-19 test requirements listed above for those who have been vaccinated. More information on what to expect can be found on their Travel Website.

Detailed instructions about how to fill out the screening forms for your trip on Juliet can be found here.

Puerto Rico: As of Jan 1 2022, all arriving travelers are required to fill out a Travel Declaration Form through the Puerto Rico Health Department’s online portal.

For fully vaccinated travelers on domestic flights:

  • Required to provide evidence of either a PCR molecular or antigen COVID-19 test performed by an authorized health provider and taken within 48 hours before arrival.
  • Required to upload official Vaccination Card, as proof of vaccination through the Travel Declaration Form portal.

For non-vaccinated travelers arriving on domestic flights:

  • Required to provide evidence of either a PCR molecular or antigen COVID-19 test performed by an authorized health provider and taken within 48 hours before arrival.
  • If the traveler arrives without a test, they must upload either a PCR molecular or antigen COVID-19 test taken on the Island, within 48 hours of arrival, or they will receive a $300 fine.
  • All unvaccinated travelers must quarantine for seven days after arriving on Island regardless of negative test results. There has no guidance on whether quarantine is allowed on board a vessel or what followup is being performed, despite multiple inquiries. Unvaccinated travelers on trips originating from Puerto Rico are advised of the risk of a fine or penalties by the PR government. Due to these rigid restrictions we are recommending unvaccinated travelers choose an alternate itinerary.

When on island, any establishment serving food is required to ask for proof of vaccination or of a negative test taken within 48 hours of arrival on the island.

Living on a boat for a week with 16 other people is not a quarantine. Please don’t do this.


It is true that as of Jan 20, 2022, all people entering the US by international air travel will be required to present a negative test. However, our winter destinations of St. Croix and Puerto Rico are US territories and as such are not considered international travel. The Bahamas is international, but we reenter the US by sea.

Check your local regulations, it varies by state.

Contact us, we’ll see what we can do to help.