On February 22, 12 adventurous Belgians boarded Juliet for an amazing diving trip through the Bahamas to head back to Miami. The weather report was calling for some not-so-nice weather later in the week so we booked it to Hogsty reef to get the cruise going – the boat needed to be in a very […]

As an early Christmas present, thanks to a DEMA special, Juliet got herself a new set of tanks. If you’ve been on board in the past few months you might have noticed that the tanks were shinier, and that you surprisingly were able to shed a few pounds off your normal dive weighting. No, it’s […]

It will be another two years before we return to the Virgin Islands, and though our visit seemed so short this winter, it certainly was sweet! The first charter was just after Christmas with a group from California on a 9-day trip for New Years. The crew and passengers spent over a week exploring the […]

Juliet left Miami for Turks and Caicos on November 23, 2013 with a boat load of eager passengers and crew. The forecast was mixed, calling for some beautiful weather on day one but then building quickly the next day so we spent the first 2 days diving in the protection of Cat Cay before headed […]

Dear Friends of Juliet Sailing and Diving, I have an announcement to make that hopefully will bring some happiness to many of you. As you all know by now, Juliet will be shutting down operations in March 2014 while my friends and family take Juliet on an extended trip around the Caribbean. Many of you […]

Since the announcement in March of Juliet’s retirement we’ve seen an outpouring of support and devotion to the company, people clamoring for the last spots on the boat, and a lot of people looking to have a piece of Juliet and their experiences on board to have with them after March to remember all the […]

Well, its that time of year again. When becomes my homepage and I wonder what letter of the alphabet we’ll get to this year. And I have to remind all of our passengers to please purchase trip insurance before coming aboard. Hurricanes can delay, interrupt, or completely disrupt travel in and around the Bahamas […]

Dear Friends of Juliet Sailing and Diving, Juliet is on her way back to Miami after another successful winter season in the Turks and Caicos. We are looking forward to sailing the Bahamas again this spring and summer, but the anticipation is bittersweet. With a heavy heart I make this announcement. Juliet Sailing and Diving […]

Summer is one of our favorite times of year in the Bahamas and it’s quite often that our summers book up a year in advance. That’s why we’re very excited to have 2 weeks come available in July 2013, all cabins are available and we’re going to the Bahamas! Why is summer so special, you […]