Hammerhead Experiences

With Bimini Scuba Center
April only

We’ve always said that we don’t do chummed shark dives and while that remains true, we also heard you when you asked how you could see the Hammerheads that are frequently around Bimini each winter and spring. So we chatted with Bimini Scuba Center about piggy-backing on their afternoon boat trips when we and the Hammerheads are both in the area. There was no sense in trying to do it ourselves, Neal’s crew does such an amazing job with the Hammerheads there’s no way we could have done better.

Now each spring we are thrilled to partner with Bimini Scuba Center and bring you some of the most incredible Hammerhead encounters you’ll ever experience. If you’re booked on a trip any March or April to the Bahamas you’ll have an opportunity to spend one afternoon participating in their Hammerhead Shark Experience. BSC sets up the feed, gets the sharks around, and then gives us a call when they’re ready. We’ll anchor up next to them and our divers swim over to the feed. You can spend as long as you want in the water with them – until you get cold, run low on air, we run out of light or they run out of chum.

This is an optional add-on with an additional cost that is paid directly to Bimini Scuba Center for all the amazing work they do to set this up for us. Give us a shout for details.

Download our info sheet for details and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! If you can scuba dive – even if you just snorkel! – you can participate.

Depends on the day and the set-up; typical depths are 25-40′

Yes, definitely. Water temps in the spring are in the mid 70s and you’ll spend this dive sitting still basically the entire time so you will get chilly. We recommend an extra layer – hooded vest or layered shorty over your normal wetsuit – to enjoy it fully.

Yep. As is all the chainmail the 3 rotating divemasters have to wear and maintain for their safety; and the time it takes to train dive professionals to safely and respectfully interact with large, shy, underwater predators; and maintaining boats in the Bahamas where access to supplies is limited; and and and…

It’s worth it, we promise.

We recommend $20. A lot of work goes into this dive and they do a fantastic job with it.

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