Surface Intervals


Take a break from diving if you are looking for a change of perspective, and check out the view from above as you snorkel in the shallows between dives. Mother Nature’s smallest creatures live in the shallowest areas, so keep your eyes peeled for juvenile damselfish, angelfish, and even some tiny blennies with heads the size of a pea! So shed your scuba gear and see what lurks at the top of the water.


Whether it’s catching your dinner with your own bare hands or watching the play of a rod as lines trail behind the boat, we’ve got you covered. In the Bahamas, try your hand at challenging breath-hold spearfishing for in-season fish and lobsters, or load up the lines and troll along the wall for the big guys! The Keys and USVIs allow spearfishing on scuba but only in select locations. We’ve got plenty of equipment on board, or bring your own! And don’t forget about those pesky Lionfish!

Island Hopping

In the Bahamas, comb the beach for shells and sea glass, snorkel with southern stingrays, or just find your land legs for an afternoon. Ask about going to one of the out-islands of the Bahamas, like Bimini, where you can walk the sleepy downtown, browse the straw market for souvenirs, dance to Calypso music, and try some conch salad. In the Virgin Islands we make regular stops at Virgin Gorda and the Baths, a strange yet gorgeous collection of rocks around a serene blue harbor, and Salt Island, the scene of the famous wreck of the Rhone, and home to three of the last sea salt harvesters in the BVIs. Don’t worry, Willy T’s is on our list too!

Marine Life Presentations

A unique amenity on board Juliet are our marine life talks. You won’t be able to find this on any other diving liveaboard! Our onboard marine naturalist will offer educational presentations on things like fish ID, sharks, the Lionfish Invasion, and dolphins. We know you’re on vacation so each presentation is optional of course, but we find most divers won’t miss a minute of  school; make it an Education Vacation! Don’t miss the Fish of the Dive! Each briefing includes details on fish behavior, how to properly interact with creatures, and what color changes to look for.


If you have never sailed before, you’re in for a treat! Juliet is a three-masted schooner, with four sails: a fore sail, main sail, mizzen sail, and a large red jib at the front, or bow, of the boat. Our crew will guide you through the proper steps, from hauling the sail, cranking the winch, making off the halyard, and sheeting the sails. If you’d rather just sit back, relax, and watch the action, by all means! Its quite a sight. Your participation is not required, but if you want to learn, we are more than happy to teach!

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