Bahamas Entry Requirements


Effective June 19, 2022 Bahamas Health Travel Visas are no longer required for entry.
Proof of vaccination or negative PCR test results within 3 days prior to arrival will still be required.
Check back on this page for an update shortly

Effective June 19, 2022 Bahamas is no longer requiring health visas. Some testing requirements are still in place however:

  • Vaccinated individuals must bring proof of vaccination (boosters not required).
  • Un-vaccinated individuals must provide negative test results from an RT-PCR test taken no earlier than 3 days prior to your arrival in the Bahamas
    • If your Juliet trip departs on Saturday, you can test as early as Thursday
    • If you trip departs on Friday, you can test as early as Wednesday
    • Accepted test types include: RT-PCR, PCR, NAA, NAAT, TMA, and RNA

Physical versions of these documents will be collected from you by the captain when you board to be presented to Bahamian Immigration on our arrival.

The most up to date information can be found on the Bahamas government website.

Create your account

Create your traveler account at any time at
Be prepared to upload a picture of your passport.

Schedule your test

  • All travelers must produce negative covid test results from a test taken no earlier than 3 days prior to your entry into the Bahamas in order to obtain the health visa for entry. Vaccination status determines what type of test you are eligible for:
    • Fully vaccinated travelers: proof of vaccination plus negative test results from either a PCR or rapid antigen test.
    • Unvaccinated travelers: only PCR molecular tests are accepted
  • Three days prior to arrival in the Bahamas means:
    • For Saturday departures, test no earlier than Thursday before departure
    • For Friday departures, test no earlier than Wednesday before departure

Apply for your health visa

All travelers:

  • Once you have your negative test results
    • Log in and from the home screen to “Add Trip”
    • Trip application is International
    • On this page fill out all boxes marked with *. Boxes you might have trouble with are:
      • Type of Travel: Vessel
      • Flight/Vessel number: S/V Juliet 1144038
      • Departure: US, Florida
      • Date and time of arrival: Sunday 6:00am for week long trips, Saturday for 4- and 5- day trips
      • Mode of travel: Sea
      • Port of arrival: Bimini – Big Game Marina
      • Date of departure: Thursday 3pm for 7-day trips, Monday 3pm for 4-day trips and Tuesday 3pm for 5-day trips
      • Mode of departure: Sea
      • Port of departure: Bimini – Big Game Marina
      • Purpose: Diving
      • Accommodation type: Vessel
      • Number of persons in your party: 1 or any family members you are traveling with
      • Address: S/V Juliet (leave line 2 and Neighborhood blank)
      • Destination island: Bimini
      • Travel agency leave blank
      • Provide test results and upload your Covid test
        • Exemption: None
        • Lab info and address is where you took the test (CVS, Walgreens, doctor’s office, etc)
        • Upload your results. Make sure that the results you are uploading are full laboratory results with the name and address of the lab and type of test administered.
    • Check off the applicable agreements at the bottom
    • You’ll know you’ve at least done everything right when the “Submit” button becomes clickable. If it’s still grayed out, check that you’ve filled in all the required information.
  • Approval typically takes only a few hours, keep an eye on your inbox or check back in your Bahamas Travel account shortly.

Email your QR code

Once you are approved, pay for your Bahamas Health Insurance and receive a pdf of your Travel Health Visa and QR code. Email the Travel visa pdf file to as it needs to be pre-registered with our entrance paperwork.


If you have any questions or concerns about any of this please see the Bahamas travel reopening page for additional information. For problems with the visa application itself, contact the Bahamas Health Visa department directly as well at (242) 502-0829 or Questions about the trip or documentation required, email

Please note:

  • Approval processing time is currently very fast, even if you do not receive your results until Saturday, you will still have time to get your visa approved.
  • The expiration date on your issued Health Visa is the date you need to enter by, not the end date to your trip.
  • If you are rejected, check the date on your test results that you submitted. Some labs have been entering the incorrect date, causing your test to fall the Bahamas 3-day window. Contact the lab to get this corrected.
  • You will receive an email regarding daily health surveys referencing a $100 fine for non-compliance. This does not apply to visitors on vessels, disregard it.
  • The Health Visa/Insurance payment will show up on your credit card statement as Kanoo Pays.

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