Virgin Islands Covid requirements

The Virgin Islands is requesting everyone traveling to the VIs to test 5-days prior to arrival and apply at their screening portal prior to entry to safely enjoy your visit. Please note: CDC guidelines for testing on re-entry into the US do not apply to your trip to St. Croix as it is not an international destination.

The most up to date information can be found on the Virgin Islands Update website here:

You do not need to test to return to the US after your trip as this is considered a domestic trip.

Schedule your test

If your flight originates from the US and you are a US citizen, regardless of vaccination status:

  • Schedule a rapid antigen or molecular (NAAT or RT-PCR) test for no earlier than 5 days prior (effective Feb 2, 2022) to your arrival in St. Croix. Arrival day counts as day zero, so if you’re arriving on Friday, schedule your test no earlier than Sunday.
  • At home rapid tests are not accepted unless the results are processed by a lab (proctored tests are acceptable)

If your flight originates from outside the US, please see requirements on the portal website as test type and allowable testing window varies depending on citizenship and mode of travel.

Get your results

Once you have your results, you can access the portal. You cannot save your progress so it’s best to wait until you have results in-hand to start the next steps.

Start your Travel Screening

The Travel Screening portal is at The earliest you can fill out this form is 5 days before travel; it is designed to be filled out once you already have your results. Instructions for the digital form follow:

Go to:

Section 1: General Information
  • Read through the information and click next
Section 2: Terms and Conditions
  • Read through the bullet points, check “I acknowledge…” at the bottom, then click Next
Section 3: Traveler Information
  • Be sure to fill out every field or it will kick you back at time of submission.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • When asked “Where will you be staying” select “Other”
  • Your “Method of Travel” is Airline as that is how you are entering the USVI; enter your airline information
  • Are you planning to board a vessel within the next 10 days: “Yes”
    • Travel dates: date you board Juliet
    • Name of vessel: Juliet
    • Stops at any other ports/destinations: No
Section 4: COVID-19 Screening Tool
  • Symptoms: Answer the health screening questions, click next
  • Recent Travel information: Fill out accordingly, click next
  • You will most likely get an error that your vaccination record cannot be located, just acknowledge and move on (this is for folks who have been vaccinated in the USVI and are part of their database)
  • On the next page, upload your vaccination card if applicable and your test results – results should list your name and DOB, test type, lab name and address at minimum.

Section 5: Review your information Once you review what you have entered, click Submit. You will be provided a numerical code on the next page, write this down as it is your reference number for your application.

You will be contacted again once your application has been reviewed. Once received, bring your Travel Portal approval, a copy of your results and your vaccine card to the airport. You may need to provide it either before you board your flight to the USVI or once you arrive, depending on your airline.


If you have any questions or concerns about any of this please see the USVI Update page for additional information. For problems with the application itself, contact the Virgin Islands at  Questions about the trip or documentation required, email

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